Seekers and Inno Angels cooperate to develop STO exchange on 2019 June

Securities Co., Ltd., specializing in security, plans to open crypto exchange with special security designs.

China Inno Angels agrees investments to establish exchange based on ATS- Alternative Trading system.

ATS, officially considered and supports security token offering-STO, an newly alternative solution for ICO. Korea-based security company (Seekers) invested by Inno Angels to develop exchange based on ATS.

Seekers, specializing in security solutions, has been recently signed the contract about Bittop exchange with China Blockchain, soon opened on 2019 June. Currently, only U.S. Coinbase exchange is uniquely authorized ATS.

Inno Angels’s investment terms for U.S. technical start-ups soU.S. Securities And Exchange Commission examines to authorize ATS twice.

Inno Angels is a venture capital communications with an investment of 20 000 billion won for China Tencent and Research and Developing centres in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai.

Inno Angels, invested Bittop exchange, is a perfect protection system between cryptocurrency based on STO and environment system for users over the world to access to the system at the same time.

Korea Bittop exchange is only one country which builds a unique office for cryptocurrency and credits. Furthermore, it plans to establish exchange with Inno Angels investment.

Inno Angels, invested ICO, IEO and IBO, has experienced an official examination of new exchange model- STO- established in Taiwan. Companies meeting requirements will be on exchange.

Bittop exchange plans to be leading in cryptocurrency investment by creating a global trade without any border barriers. Bittop will issue its own crypto- Frog coin on Bittop exchange list.

The CEO of Seekers- Choi-Kyung-ho:

“ Bittop exchange plans to open on 2019 January with targeting the world’s top ten markets by providing specialized services for investors through Blockchain technology.”

Detailed information about the plan:

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