Introduce Vikocapital partners: Korea security company – Seekers

The security company – Seekers introduction

Established on 2015 March. As technology increasingly advances, there are many security problems and many attacks from hackers to corporate and organizational networks. Therefore, Seekerscompany is born with the goal of providing the most advanced and modern security solutions for businesses and organizations.

Seekers always considers human as focus, aiming to develop new security technologies for everyone. Based on this,Seekersmakes every effort to find value from the company’s infrastructure and operate with a secure and safe environment to deal with national security incidents.

Through constant efforts,  Seekershas achieved goals for IT companies leading the globe not only by improving competitiveness but also by improving security technology.

Seekers company’s staff

Choi Kyeong Ho- CEO and Technical Director introduction

On 2016 February, Institute of Science and Technology ( Choi Heeyun Chairman, so-called KISTI until now) signed the contract for technology transfer with Seekers- Choi Kyung Ho, a security information expert on SMARTER and a technological security check of next generation , is likely to analyze cyber- attacks in a real time.

Seekers’s certificate of invention

Automobile analysis system has prominent technology compared to other security companies.

Research certificates were awarded about the first successful chain of research and developing by Technical information agency (small and medium-sized enterprise)- TIPA in Korea.

Seekers products

Seeker’s security solutions

Seekers’s technology fields are pursuing

After collecting data centrally from the infrastructure, large data analysis can be used to detect hidden threats.
  • Intelligent Integrated Security Solution
  • Algorithm-based threat analysis method 

  • Blockchain
  • Big-Data analysis technology
  • Consultancy service
  • Public cloud
  • Visualization

The introduction of Gobal Cryto ATS exchange

Seekers is preparing to introduce cryto coin of Bittop exchange- registered in Korea- a crypto exchange according to ATS model.

What does ATS mean?

ATS, an exchange system, was proposed to change to make up for the limits of current exchanges.

With a hope of connecting to the world, cash flow from securities markets is dispersed by countries through cryptocurrency exchange.

Destroying barriers of integrating transaction and complicated regulations for businesses participates in Bittop ecosystem.

The opening Bittop’s objectives

Bittop exchange, developed and operated by Seekers Inc., has been equipped with high-quality facilities to proactively solve  risks.

Integrated security check of artificial intelligence system protects your asset the-round-clock by identifying beforehand

users accessing to exchanges.

With CISCO system, host computers will be operated directly from internal staff instead of outsourcing and enhancing auditing system to prevent from in-and-out accidents

Bittop realizes cryptocurrency value becomes an asset in the future and provides a new service for the liquidity of asset more than making mortgage asset.

The security system of Bittop exchange

Bittop’s security certificates

Seekers is one of the fourth companies having ISO/IIEC 27000 certificate– Information security management systems).

  • ISMS certificate
  • Korea Internet and Security agency ( KISA) determines if Information security management systemsincluding engineering and physical protections meet Korea Communications Standards Commission’s demands or not.
  • ISO certificate-27001
  • This is the most jurisdictional certificate in protecting information along with International Standard for Information Protection Management System…

ITSCC certificate.

To confirm the high security of a product.

To evaluate and confirm security with organizations’ general principles of evaluation.

Muti-level security system

Bittop exchange is built multi-level security against hackers with followings:

Safety (High Availability)

  • Continuously operating system 24 hours/365 days.
  • Multi-function standby equipment.
  • Build and operate an automatic backup system.
  • A billion people simultaneously access to.

Operations optimization (performance)

  • An opening structure with automatic opening function when the level of using the service rising.
  • Guarantee using efficiency.
  • Use the group system to provide the big number of services perfectly.


  • Introduce solutions and first-rate products in information -security market.
  • Manage and control the access authority of data-center.
  • Control policy, auditing and supervising through SOC activities.
  • Recognize immediately security issues based on AI.

Bittop’s operation model

  • Network configuration can collect and manage related-information cryptocurrency effectively.
  • Confirming Blockchain to protect a whole system.
  • Fast and reliable trading with environment contacts.

  • Creating global networks by building IT offices every country.
  • Global services expand around the world.

Seekers’ partners in developing Bittop exchange

Seekers cooperates with RR Chain: Seekers becomes a strategy partner with RRChain in developing Bittop of Seekers and established a crypto bank

Korea security company- Seekers and China RRChain has signed in Beijing, China.

Seekers cooperates with Inno Angel: Seekers supports Inno Angel in developing exchanges in accordance with STO trends.

Seekers cooperate with some large orgs


Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge and government cyber intelligence experts in the US and the UK, Darktrace is recognized today as the world’s leading AI company for cyber security.

With deep expertise in mathematics and machine learning, as well as operational experience defending critical national assets, our founding team started Darktrace to empower organizations to defend their systems against the most sophisticated cyber-threats.

Darktrace’s pioneering technology, the Enterprise Immune System, applies AI to the cyber defense challenge for the first time, and has proven itself successful in detecting cyber-threats that existing, legacy systems cannot.



UpRoot, Inc. is a specialized information security company focused on hacking and security technology research. Since its foundation in 2015, UpRoot, Inc. has been continuously developing new technology research and development aiming at leading companies in information security.

As ICT information technology develops, security threats also increases, and in the event of a security incident, it can expand the company’s enormous cost loss and damage brand value.

In order to prevent such threats, UpRoot, Inc. will take the lead in making a safe ICT world based on advanced security technology.



Kisa is a company related to the Korean Internet and Security Agency established in 2009.

Kisa is currently focusing on developing blockchain technology.

Web: https: //


Gartner, officially known as Gartner, Inc. is a global research and advisory firm providing insights, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, Finance, HR, Customer Service and Support, Legal and Compliance, Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain functions across the world. They are a member of the S&P 500. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. The firm changed its name from Gartner Group, Inc to Gartner in 2000.



The cyberthreat landscape is in constant evolution, organizations are constantly under attack by a variety of different threats, ranging from ransomware to malware and non-malware based attacks. Adopting an Endpoint Threat Response platform is necessary for security-aware organizations. For attackers getting access to the internal network is often as easy as delivering an attachment to one of the users and when inside they can move fast. Defenders are faced with many challenges, the biggest being that of a lack of context and discovery capabilities on their endpoints. A.I. is today superseding legacy and signature-based technologies, offering a powerful approach for the detection of both known and previously unknown kind of attacks, based on traditional malicious binaries, abuse of system tools or in-memory only vectors.



For the past 50 years, KISTI has been contributing to the development of Korea’s science and technology industry through world-class supercomputing, global cooperative ultra-high-speed research network and the largest information arsenal for science and technology in Korea with over 100 million units.

Now, based on the science and technology information infrastructure it has built thus far, KISTI will lead the way for changing and innovating the science and technology data ecosystem placing the researcher at the center through accelerating the knowledge infrastructure which will pull the 4th Industrial Revolution.

KISTI will grow with the industry, academy and institute community as a central organization to the dynamic science and technology data ecosystem which shares data and creates value, laying a foundation for Korea’s innovation growth.

KISTI will leap into the future with a strong foundation for Korea and its people, opening the age of science and technology accumulation.


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