Token Summit in September: ChainB Official Launch

Token Summit in September connects international business as well Vietnam. 

VikoCapital is a marketing company with Synco in Korea, which helps Vietnam community address to Crypto bussiness. Token Summit introduced ChainB with its own Beta demo.

Taking an advantage of available 15 projects in the ecosystem, ChainB promises to create breakthroughs. Chainb brings effective transactions to users as well limits its weakness.

A contract ceremony between VikoCapital and ChainB

ODX: the first Asian project by DNA with 65 $ billion in private sale is said ” provide free Internet for float markets

MIT: Online chat app by KMS group applies Blockchain for information security and data system

KMS: Korea e-commerce company in 2017. They cooperates with 5 big groups in Vietnam: Lazada, A day roi, Tiki, Sendo, Shopee….

Participators in the events have a chance of receiving many gifts up to 5000$ of Synco. It takes place 2018 Sep 9th. To know more about the exchange with security, safety, transparency… Register now….














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