STO event- 2019 new trend in Vietnam

STO event- 2019 new trend on January 20th attracts Crypto community not only offline attendances from nationwide but also a live stream for those who can’t attend the event. The outnumbered guests beyond our expectation were arranged enough seats fortunately.

The event has important partners’ attendance:

Jang Hong Seok- a CEO of Bittop exchange and also a co-founder of Blockchain- Seekers. He has 5 years experiences of research and development exchanges.

Mr Danny Lee is a CEO of Bittop partner company. He has experiences of ASIAN market development and plans to promote Bittop in the future.

Mr Paul Kim, a founder of Vikocapital, is a marketing partner in Vietnam as well nationwide. He has 8 years of working in Korea so he understands clearly about culture and crypto market trends in Korea. He established Vikocapital on 2018 March that is one of the professional marketing Blockchain and become venture capital and a technology company in Vietnam.

Crypto community representative in Thailand. One of the most famous marketing unit in Thailand crypto market and headquartered in the building for technology start-ups of Thailand government.

A representative for a crypto community in Japan- Blockchain Labo, Job token.

A representative for China crypto- Onejoy token. It is a commercial electric business on “ Tianyuan shopping” by using Blockchain. From 1st to 15th March is expected to call investment through IEO and posting a bill plan on Bittop exchange on 2019, April.

Team Prana Mekong representative- Mr Trinh is a strategic development partner with Vikocapital in Vietnam and admins’ attendance from newspapers, crypto community like blogtienao,, coin68 …

The beginning of the event is about STO and new ICO trend presentation of Mr Trinh. He has vision as well ability to evaluate and analyses projects in crypto exchange.

He helps people to more understand differences from ICO, IPO and STO; additionally, the detailed comparison between pros and cons of each model above. Calling investments (STO) brings safety in venture investments and more profits for investors.

It’s regretful to inform that CEO and CTO -Choi Kyeong Ho of Seekers couldn’t attend the event because he was busy to prepare to open Bittop. However, he prepared a video.

Jang Hong Seok CEO’ s presentation is enough information about Seekers and achievements until now. It is awarded certificates and the leading security company in Korea. Therefore, customers will satisfy with security levels of Bittop exchange when having the support from Seekers.

Mr Danny Lee- Bittop partner about the sharing profit policy when developing Bittop.

Bittop with Frogcoin is 240 billion coins. While only 26% is sold on Korea market, 83% of that total sold other countries.

Contract signing ceremony between Bittop and Vikocapital.

Contract signing ceremony between Bittop and Vikocapital.

Q & A section was dealt with satisfactorily for audiences’ attendance by presenters.

Audience: “Bittop objectives is one of the top 5 and why Bittop is confident of being the world’s top 5?”

Bittop’s CEO: “ With the following elements, Bittop can be the world’s top 5:

Available exchange development staff, management and controlment by excellent individuals who has long-term experiences of security exchange. Here is special things of Bittop which no company creates an exchange like us.

-Bittop develops exchange community before the exchange opens

-Bittop cooperates with Innno Angel

-Bittop catchs up with future STO, IEO, ISO models”

Audience: “Currently, crypto exchange is decreasing and traders leave crypto, Therefore, what’s attraction of Bittop to have trading to increase volume transaction?”

Bittop’s CEO: “ If you understand Korea market, Bittop has a good marketing plan through gift events. Korea is booming Bittiop which many users join in”

Audience: “ Why do Bittop affirm that security is not attacked by hackers?”

Bittop’s CEO: “ We provide security services for Korea government, banks, security and finance companies. All securities services is safe and no hackers attack until now”

Audience: “ If Bittop plan can’t call for 100% funds, how we deal with token FRG that we can not sell out.”

Bittop’s CEO: “ We haven’t thought of this because we are sure of completing calling- investment. If the worst thing happens that token FRG can not sell out, we will burn coins.”

Audience: “ As I see, this plan only sell in Korea, not around the globe. Is it fair for global community?”

Bittop’s CEO: “ We have thought of this and will call for investment from the community under agent’s code to control users effectively. After recruiting agents, we will open global community to register.”

The ending is lucky draw section with 16 awards, including a special prize as 100, 000 FRG, 5 second prizes as 60,000 FRG and 10 encouragement prizes as 30, 000 FRG.

After the event, there was a gala dinner inviting important investors and partners with interesting games and enjoying Vietnamese football together.

Moreover, the up-coming events will launch in Thailand, Kazakhstan, Japan…








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