Quyet Huynh

🌱 In 2015, he has just graduated from Ho Chi Minh technology university as IT engineer. He has 3 year-experience of chip design at Esilicon company.

🌱 From 2017 until now, he has researched Bitcoin’s whitepaper, released potential Bitcoin, especially Blockchain will change human being’s future. He left the compny and stepped into crypto market.

🔥 At the begining of 2017, he developed tiendientu.org and specialized in website news and manage team and fanpage community.

💥 He participated in project analysis and invested ICO in combination with tradecoin.

🔥 At the end of 2017, he left tiendientu.org and opened mining coin farm,

🔥 On 2018 August, leaving mining coin filed, comeback crypto community development for ” cộng đồng tradecoin Việt Nam”  and support for bitcoinvietnamnews.com and vikocapital.com. 

🌱  Support for checking investment projects

🌱  Develop communities for projects

🌱  Until now, he has interest in development trends and edits future Blockchain through big projects

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