OneJoy token — a potential project is going to IEO on Bittop exchange this March

OneJoy, an e-commerce enterprise, is based on One Yuan Shopping platform through blockchain technology.

Its operation on One Yuan Shopping platform used in China in 5 years (from 2012 to 2017), with over 100 billion Yuan each year as a scale of operation. The leading China e-commerce companies such as Wang, Alibaba, to their sales channel expansion on One Yuan Shopping platform. However, those are inappropriate for still attract consumers and become successful.

Its principle is a reward code will be released for consumer when he/ she reaches a certain number of transactions. Those codes will be used in the final lucky draw program.

OneJoyToken applies blockchain technology into One Yuan Shopping platform which makes awards public and transparent for all consumers and prevents frauds, internal transactions.

OneJoyToken is not only develop in China but also explore to South West Asia, Europe, Korea, Japan and even America.

Consumers can buy goods from OneJoy’s platform, include both real and virtual goods. After buying products or promote tickets on OneJoy, it will give consumers free reward tickets and free OneJoyTokens (OJT).

Currently, OneJoy is running on EOS blockchain platform. They are having a develop plan for the future, using its own platform or RRChain’s one — a strategic partner.

OJT token holders will receive shares of revenue from the crypto business platform.

Total of published token: 1,000,000,000 OJT

Allot token:

Advisor: 10% — 100,000,000 OJT

Private Sale: 15% — 150,000,000 OJT

Public Sale: 20% — 200,000,000 OJT

IEO: 15% — 150,000,000 OJT

OJT Fund: 40% — 400,000,000 OJT.

OneJoy earns lots of interests and investments from foreign and domestic in development and marketing like: Inno with over 2 billion USD invested in more than 400 projects, Horus Capitalcapital, Genisisgenisis, Timestamp Capital, Sd-Gold, Bluewave Capital.

OneJoy’s partners

OneJoy develop team:

There are 8 crypto business experts in OneJoy team, who have long time experience in crypto investment and blockchain research. Figuring out that blockchain technology can make all the transactions transparent and give benefits to customers. The team has applied it into their One Yuan Shopping platform.

Zhu Li General Advisor

Ye investment Advisor

Allen Liu E-Ecommerve Advisor

Chi Feng Special Advisor

Junfeng Project Advisor

Zongcheng Li Special Advisor

Peng Chui Special Advisor

Feng Liu Speical Advisor

OneJoy is having more than 10,000 customers in China and expecting a rapidly increase number when it gets lots of investment funds in its co-operations.

IEO stars up

Listing on Bittop

According to OneJoy’s Roadmap, the project will start IEO round on 12th March and will be listed in Bittop on April 2019, starting exchanging.


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