Klaytn is a service-centric blockchain platform providing intuitive development environment and friendly end-user experience. It is built upon solid reliability and significant stability with substantial service development for mass adoption. 

Klaytn Network
Klaytn blockchain network is a combination of peer-to-peer subnetworks of nodes transmitting
transactions and blocks to execute value transfers and run smart contracts. Klaytn network can be
partitioned into three logical subnetworks based on their roles and purposes.

Klaytn aims to become the blockchain platform that empowers all businesses and end-users of the
world to easily access and utilize blockchain technology, enabling massive-scale apps and services to benefit from a higher degree of transparency, security, and trust. To lower the technical hurdles of the nascent technology and to accelerate mass adoption in the global market, Klaytn focuses on three fronts: 1) to make the developer experience (DX) intuitive and productive for developer communities by providing useful features and well-polished tools, 2) to offer user experience (UX)
indistinguishable from legacy apps or services by providing efficient means to remove friction and
complexities from the customer journey, and most importantly, 3) to build a service-centric
blockchain platform with enterprise-grade performance without compromising high-degree of
transparency and security, as to overcome the chasm and bring authentic blockchain mass
adoption to the world.

Service Chain Network Topology
Servicechains in Klaytn network are auxiliary blockchains independent from the Klaytn mainchain, tailored for individual BApp requiring special node configurations, customized security levels, or exceptionally high throughput that makes deploying the BApp on the Klaytn mainchain inconvenient or economically infeasible.

Extended imbalance between supply and demand makes economies unsustainable, an observation
which places end-users on a key position within Klaytn token economy. End-users are the fundamental driving force behind economic growth as the primary demand-side entities, creating valuable market signals by carefully selecting and using services and sharing reviews with each other.
Recognizing the value of end-users, Klaytn is reviewing designs to make PoC an incentivizing mechanism for their contributions to growing the Klaytn ecosystem.
Klaytn is designed to center users and BApps. The roadmap is planned to realize it step by step as
1) 2019: Buildup Infrastructures
2) 2020: Buildup User Base

3) 2021: Klaytn World


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Jaesun Han CEO

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. He received a Ph.D in EECS at KAIST in 2005. His research topics were P2P algorithms like DHT and distributed systems. In 2007, he founded NexR, the first big data and cloud computing tech startup in Korea, which was acquired by KT (Korea Telecom) 4 years later. After that, he co-founded FuturePlay and took the role of CTO. FuturePlay is a tech-centric accelerator and investor, focusing on tech startups in APAC. He invested in dozens of startups and gave them technical mentoring. He also taught an innovative business model and IT trends course in KAIST MBA as an adjunct professor for 7 years starting in 2007.

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