[CONTENTOS] The Instruction Of Battle COS2048

In this article, VikoCapital will instruct a challenging game related yo logical math.  This is a way of getting awards-COS token value.

The participation time to receive COS from 15th- 21th June. 

  • The total of COS award: 3000 COS

Participation rules:

  1. Play Battle game: Everyday chooses 3 battle players and the minimum winning battle is 1 time to receive 100 COS.  The more times you win, the more the probility of winning awards is high.
  • The probility of winning: the number of winning battle times/ per person divides the number of winning battle everyday for all users.

2. Invite friends to join ( as many as possible)

Participator completes google form including your UID and invited friends’ UID. Providing 1 UID of another player will be seen as 1 ticket. On 22th June, they willl choose 3 random people inviting and give an award 100 COS to them. Moreover, invited people  also receive awards.

Registration form

3. Share individual COS2048 achievements on Facebook and tag at least 3 people ( can share it many times)

Participators complete the google form which provides their UID, links share 1 time as 1 ticket. On 22th June, they willl choose 3 random people to receive 100 COS.

Registration form

Instruct to register challenging parrticipation on COS 2048

Today, COS2048 only supports on Anroid, but not still on IOS.

Step1: Click “Play store” and find an app”COS2048″ to download

Step 2: Accept conditions of COS2048 game

Step 3: Login your phone or email

Your phone sends a code in the message

Your email sends a code in the email

Step 4: Fill in your information

Step 5: Let’s get started

Score Record: Your accumulated scores

My points: The score of every playing time. ( if win at single +10 mark, win at battle +5 mark, otherwise lose at single or Battle, you will  be minus 5 mark)

Rank: Your rank. Awards for people who are at top rank,

About: terms and your awards

Step 6: Start challenging scores for winners/ losers

Now let’s play and challenge together to see who will be the best to receive the amazing gifts.

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